Weekly Roundup

Posted Feb 3rd, 2006 at 7:29 am in Life in General

Here’s what caught my eye this week.

  • Ararensis reports on skeletal remains from Mexico that have been determined as belonging to African slaves as early as the end of the 16th century. The science on how they identified these remains is utterly fascinating.
  • Father George V. Coyne, director of the Vatican Observatory, discusses the Catholic position on science, evolution, and intelligent design. He’s got a lot of good insights, and understands well the places for science and faith.
  • A Danish cartoonist drew some satirical cartoons involving the prophet Mohammad as a terrorist, and it’s gotten him into a lot of trouble. The reaction from the Muslim world has been especially nasty, and he’s been fired. Ed over at Dispatches has an excellent post on The Danger of Radical Islam that goes straight to the heart of what freedom of speech really means, and that if governments start stepping in to censor this type of thing, you might as well throw the first amendment of the constitution away.
  • A visitor to a museum in London tripped over his shoelaces, fell down a flight of stairs, and destroyed priceless vases from China’s Qing Dynasty. He was okay.
  • A couple of Canadian radio pranksters called Jacques Chirac, the prime minister of France, pretending to be Canada’s newly elected prime minister. They had a lengthy conversation, and upon revealing the hoax, Chirac burst into laughter.
  • A lady in Dallas racked up $76,000 in toll fees, having never bothered to pay at the booth as she passed through over 3,000 times.

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