Sweet Sweet Justice

Posted Feb 25th, 2006 at 6:52 pm in Culture

I think a lot of us have a strong sense of justice. And that’s just one of the reasons we enjoy the Olympics so much. Summer or winter, we love watching men and women who’ve worked so hard and dedicated their lives to pursuing the sport they’re passionate about. It’s only fair when we they win. Sure, we root for our country over others, but sometimes stories of other country’s athletes, and the difficulties they’ve faced, even make us cheer against our own countrymen. The person who works the hardest deserves it, and that’s justice, we feel.

Bode Miller
Bode Miller

Well, on the opposite side of the coin, justice has also been served in the performance of Bode Miller.

To use the vernacular of my day, he has completely sucked in these winter games. And he deserves to!

Take a look at this story in Newsweek. I got this close to using that picture in this post. It really says it all. Throwing the bird, beer in one hand, next to a Playboy bunny. Way to represent the USA, chump.

The best part of the article is Bode’s quote:

For me the ideal Olympics would be to go in with all that pressure, all that attention and have performances that are literally tear-jerking, that make people put their heads down because they’re embarrassed at how emotional they’re getting, that make people want to try sports, talk to their kids, call their f—ing ex-wives—and come away with no medals. I think that would be epic. That would be the perfect thing.

Yes Bode. You’ve made me emotional allright. I’d like to choke you to death…

I and countless others aren’t mad at him for not medaling. In fact, if there’s anything I agree with Bode about, it’s that medaling and winning aren’t the definition of success.

But to take the talent you have and throw it all away because you’re lazy is worse than sad. It’s a travesty. It’s slapping every person who’s ever worked hard for something in the face.

You’re a disgrace. And though I’m sure I’m not the first American to say it, you’re the last person I want representing my country in front of the world.

You got what you deserved. You didn’t just fail to medal, you failed to inspire anyone. Four years from now, no one will even remember your name.

You got justice.

2 Responses to “Sweet Sweet Justice”

  1. Nothing is gonna hit home with clueless losers until the sponsors pull away. This is sort of like the local sport jerks here. Stories of minimal talent with acting like they’re the universe’s gift to sports gives my dog gas.

  2. Correct! For me, one of the most memorable events at the Olympics was in Sydney, when that african bloke just barely completed the 100m at swimming, after everyone else has changed and gone home. As it was the first time he’d got in a pool in his life, it was what you would call a great achievement.

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