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eBird Express Version 1.0.3

Posted Jan 31st, 2010 at 6:59 pm in Birding, Technology | 1 Comment

A new version of eBird Express is now available on the downloads page. For those who really pay attention, I’ve made the version numbers a little simpler going forward by using 1.0.3 instead of (I don’t think I’ll run out of numbers with three digits anytime soon.)

New Features

  • Support for eBird’s new random protocol.
  • Added a user preference (turned off by default) to delete the original data file after processing for eBird. (You can always recover this file from the recycle bin if you see that you need it again.)

Bug Fixes

  • White space characters like tabs and carriage returns in the checklist notes and comments for an individual bird could cause a .csv file to fail when uploading to eBird.
  • Number of observers and duration are now required for all but casual checklists.

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