eBird Express Version 1.0.5

Posted Sep 18th, 2011 at 5:53 pm in Birding, Technology

A new version of eBird Express is now available on the downloads page.

Important Note about Taxonomy and Templates

Due to the new taxonomy changes in eBird, old templates may no longer validate in eBird Express. (As one example, if you have a template with “Common Moorhen” included, the new name is now “Common Gallinule.”) If you previously created your own templates, such as a state or county template, you will need to recreate them to use the newest taxonomy. Refer to the instructions on the downloads page for information about creating templates. It’s not hard! Remember that you can use the Verify Taxonomy function to find species with outdated English or scientific names.

New Features

  • The verify taxonomy function has been updated to use the latest global taxonomy from eBird.
  • A new preference (turned off by default) has been added that allows users to reset the formatting of checklist automatically before processing. This can be helpful if you regularly paste information that has different formatting from another program into an eBird Express checklist.

Bug Fixes

  • Comments longer than 4,000 characters no longer cause eBird Express to crash when validation is run.

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