Comment Policy

While I want the atmosphere to be relaxed when it comes to user comments, there are a few guidelines that I ask people to follow. They’re simple, common sense rules designed to keep things civil and orderly. Breaking them, especially repeatedly, will result in getting banned from leaving comments.

  1. Avoid the use of profanity; it’s a family friendly place. Don’t use unnecessary explicit language for the sole purpose of impressing others with your masterful grasp of middle school vocabulary.
  2. Be respectful. Anyone may disagree with anyone — me or another commenter. But personal attacks, name-calling, or downright rudeness are uncalled for.
  3. Comment on the topic at hand. I ask that your comments be relevant, in some way, to the post you’re leaving them on.
  4. Do not repeatedly leave the same comment, whether in the same post or on different posts.
  5. Don’t be obnoxious. This is the golden rule. The prior two rules are simply a small part of this guiding principle. While this is admittedly subjective, it’s essence is that comments should faciliate discussion and community. Dissenting comments in particular are welcome and will not be censored, so long as the comments do not become repetitive, off-topic, abusive — you know, obnoxious.

In general, I will be very lenient. I do not wish to censure anyone. Except in the most egregious of cases, I will also give fair warning before banning someone.

Thanks for playing nice.