About eBird Express

eBird Express is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel that makes entering eBird checklists a snap.


  • Create new, blank checklists with ease by using Excel templates. You just have to fill out the birds you saw, not enter their names.
  • Locations automatically get the latitude and longitude built into their name, so that each location with GPS coordinates is guaranteed to get put into eBird as a unique location. This also lets you easily see GPS coordinates for your locations in ebird. (You can turn this off if you prefer.)
  • End time field allows the duration to automatically be calculated. You can manually enter a duration if needed.
  • Data validation warns you if problems are found. This is much faster than uploading the file first and then finding out there’s a problem and having to fix it.
  • When you process a checklist, an Excel archive of your checklist is saved in your folder of choice.
  • A .CSV file is saved to the desktop, ready for uploading into eBird.
  • Spreadsheet columns without any checklists are removed.
  • Species you didn’t see are removed, leaving you with a list of only what was seen.

View a Demonstration

You can view a 45 second animated demonstration that highlights the functionality and shows the basic workflow of using eBird express.

Does it cost anything?

No, it’s free. Started for my own use, I decided that it should be shared with the larger eBird community as a labor of love.