eBird Express Instructions and Tutorials

The following steps will help you get eBird express installed. Each step has a video tutorial which will guide you. At the end of each tutorial, you’ll have the opportunity to start the next tutorial.

The Big Picture – Templates vs. Documents

Before diving in, if you’re not familiar with templates, it’s essential that we briefly cover the concept and how it relates to entering notes with eBird Express. Templates are a way to create a new file with information and formatting already filled in. After creating a new file from a template, you save this file as a document for later use.

So for our purposes, templates will hold a blank checklist. You’ll create a new file from a template to get a blank checklist ready to be filled out. You might make new templates for every state, country, etc  you regularly bird. The documents created from these templates will hold your checklists. You’ll fill in all your information about the birds you saw, and when finished, you’ll run eBird Express to process your data for uploading into eBird.

This is important because the majority of these instructions are for setting up eBird Express or adding new templates, something you’ll do only once or rarely. Only a small part of the instructions cover the steps you’ll do repeatedly to enter notes.

How to Install and Use eBird Express

  1. View the brief intro on how to use the tutorials. View Tutorial.
  2. Install eBird Express so Excel can use it. View Tutorial.
  3. Create a checklist when it’s time to enter notes. View Tutorial.
  4. Upload your checklist into eBird. View Tutorial.
  5. Create new templates or change existing ones. View Tutorial.

How to Upgrade

Upgrading is as simple as downloading the latest version and running the installer. Be sure to exit Microsoft Excel first.